Yes You Can Build A Vibe: CRAVE Debuts Their Custom 1961 Vibrator Airstream

How much more California could we get? Answer: a WHOLE lot more. But she’s done it, that is, Ti Chang has brought the ‘build-your-vibe’ mantra of her company on the road; she lovingly calls it, “The Crave Design Factory.” We spoke with Ti on this exciting new venture for her digitally-native company, “The team has […]

Professional on the streets, Kinky in the sheets: Crave Shares Their Folsom Photobooth in time for Valentine’s Day

In the name of love, let’s all let our kinky sides out. Crave’s co-founder, Ti Chang. Photographed by Jenifer Keffer. Crave, the must-know must-have sex toy company, has produced for this Valentine’s season a gorgeous photo set of SF citizens living their double truths. Crave informed us, “In recent months, headlines about abuse of power […]

This Product Designer and Founder Will Make You Crave Her Latest Product

If you haven’t been acquainted with the lady who’s changed the sex industry in SF, well, it’s time to get to know her. Ti Chang, the co-founder and designer of Crave, is making the vibrator world just a little more chic. Being idealistic driven to work on something that is meaningful and makes the world […]

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