Shop Talk: Everlane FINALLY Releases Denim To The Public

Just like the explosion of the Day Heel, SF-based Everlane has concurred the next step in their wardrobe: denim. Coming in three different styles, the minimal clothing empire has striked the pan while it was hot and fulfilled customer wishes with a complete denim line. Their slogan: “Ethically made. Perfectly fit. $68.”  The company tells […]

Shop Talk: The Consistency Project On Sustainable Vintage Past The Shopping Tag

Your denim tells your story, where you have been, going, and aspiring. Each rip is a tale yet to be told. For Consistency Project co-founder, Natasha Lo, she’s all about forward thinking individuals that aren’t afraid to go against the grain with their fashion. Once was a project dedicated to the outfits that everyday people […]

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