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Fiction: The Birth Of Presidency—“The Mother for Trump”

How a mother taught her daughter the forms and fiction of this year’s Presidential election. Emma spoke in soft, pastel tones, a cadence she continued to carry into her early-forties. “Don’t you think the lawn looks healthier this year then the last,” she doted, spearing the topsoil with a pronged shaped piece of silver steel. […]

Trump Social Media, Truth Social Pr...
Trump Social Media, Truth Social Preview

The Oakland Riots — How Political Injustice Turned Destructive

// To our local police of Oakland, we thank you for your service in simple crowd control. Stay safe everyone. Written by Anthony Rogers, photography by Dino M. Graniello — Did you get any shots from the Oakland Riots, tweet us. We want to see. While you’re here, subscribe to our newsletter and get in […]

How Bay Area Voters Selfie’d (After Polling Duh!) + Our Fave Shots To Celebrate

Team Baggu took an office day and strolled to their Mission district polling office. What a rad group photo, no? Fashion stylist Chelsea Martin sported Alexa Chung hair, an all-denim-outfit and chicly sported her voting sticker. Cocokind founder, Priscilla Tsai, got some sun posting her voting sticker on Instagram this Afternoon.  Etta+Billie’s founder, Alana, wanted […]

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