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This Weekend Grab a Rosé Cocktail and Get Cultured With Documentaries and Art Shows Alike

I have to admit; it has been a roller coaster of emotions and feelings since we first started to SIP. Some days have been easy, and some days quite honestly have been tough. But I still look forward to the weekend, even though it may not mean the same thing it used to – there […]

Churchill’s Pub & Grille – ...
Churchill’s Pub & Grille – Craft Without Compromise

Drinking with Coworkers: 25 Rules On How To Navigate The Employment Rivers

There comes a time in every professional twenty-something’s career when they, without a shade of doubt, will receive the opportunity to drink with their coworkers. This often inspires immediate excitement, and for good reason. Free, quality alcohol? Consumed during hours which I am technically supposed to be working? I.e. I’m kind of getting paid to […]

Secret Recipe: Pomegranate Sangria For An Ending Summer Celebration

Put your mixology skills to good use with this Sangria recipe filtered with pomegranate and citrus flavors — Not a good bartender? Check out our list of delish Sangria to consume in SF whilst dining. What we love about Sangria is that if we ever feel guilty about going out and partaking in an alcoholic […]

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