Comedic Timing—Uber Drivers in SF Who Don’t Commit Crimes But Cause Insatiable Humor

We all make mistakes but some are funnier than others. This little mess (found on Hoodline) was an Uber story that got more of a comedic laugh than a citation but still sub-came to somewhat malicious commenters. On the corner of Church and Market near the Safeway stairs, an Uber driver who said, “to be […]

Take the Bus: Oakland and San Francisco Deemed Worst U.S. Cities to Drive in (Shocker)

The gridlock is real, you guys. There’s a reason why the BART stations are always so packed. As a self-knighted eco-gypsy who flogs his ’08 Prius down and through SF’s congested city streets, I can attest to the aforementioned title. (However, I have to add: the Seventh Circle of hell goes to the I-35 merging […]

Why Is Getting Your Shit Back From Uber A Soap Opera: Let’s Talk How & Why This Happens

Photo via the Transit Center of America We’ve all gotten way drunker than we wanted too, called an Uber, and unfortunately have left items in said Uber. What do you do? I, who use ride sharing apps frequently, haven’t ever been privy to the idea of losing my personal items in someone’s vehicle. I triple […]

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