January Editor’s Letter: Charge The Batteries

As you read this, do note that I am currently in Hawaii relaxing beach side, with a Mai Tai in hand, and a very handsome man at my left. Life couldn’t be sweeter. But I don’t inform you of this location based hurrah because I’m #blessed—moreover, it’s my first real vacation in a year and […]

August Editor’s Letter—Summer Eulogy

If you know me and know Bob Cut, you probably most definitely also know that it’s time for my yearly Summer Eulogy. A silly yet deeply earnest love letter to the most perfectly crafted, fickle as hell season of them all.  I have been a summer person since I have been a person. Maybe it’s […]

I Don’t Celebrate My Birthday; That’s Alright

Birthdays hypothesize that friends will come, have fun, and celebrate your life. After two entire no shows, how can I rely or trust the people to celebrate my life? Is my life worth celebrating? But I don’t blame them. Their lives (in their eyes) are important and when your birthday falls on a Monday and […]

The September Editor’s Letter: An Autumn Almanac

“Life starts all over again as it gets crisp in the fall.” Scott Fitzgerald said it, although man do I wish it had been me. Instead, I’ll say this: Seasons are like songs, and if you bother to think about it, you’ll find this is quite true. Seasons can jog a memory the way a […]

The Public Transportation Diet: Eliminating MUNI, BART, And Metro From My Life For A Week

New Years resolutions are all about taking new steps, different directions, and dieting aspects of our lives out. In the spirit of trying new things and getting ourselves out of our comfort zone, I (Anthony, EIC) for one week did a transportation diet. Where I eliminated public transportation in favor for Uber, Lyft, and Zipcar. […]

Jeremy Tooker, The Bay Area Coffee Communities’ Disowned Family Member

Update #3 (1/21/18): We got word from the Boss Barista Podcast about the lawsuit and where it is now: “Last week, Jeremy Tooker and Four Barrel settled the lawsuit brought against them by eight former employees. But there’s still work to do. Jodi and Tal promised to divest—they haven’t yet. Instead, they fired the majority […]

10 Friendsgiving Ideas That Will Wow Your… Friends—Here’s What To Bring

For those who can’t go home for a meal and to be with loved ones, well Friendsgiving is the perfect time to honor your second family. Here are 10 businesses we’re highlighting you give you a better idea on how to celebrate. Rice Paper Scissors Started, built, and opened by founders Katie Kwan and Valerie […]

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