Stonerware to Get You Through An At-Home 420 in the Bay Area

So we report on makers all the time, some who do very cool things in the Bay Area. Summerland, however, is taking our ceramics cake with their VERY chic all white water bongs. We first discovered these artistically sound bong friends at Westcoast Craft Fair — hoards of people rummaged their booth and we couldn’t […]

Insider’s Guide: 24 Hours In The Western Addition

Though often forgotten, the hard-working businesses south of Geary Boulevard deserve their moment. Whether you’re sinking your teeth into delish breaded options or snipping the latest hairstyle — Western Addition has a lot to offer. Wise Sons Bagels Bringing together Jewish tradition and carb-y goodness, Wise Sons Bagels is a morning must-stop for sure. Making […]

June Editor’s Letter Part Two: A Promise to Current and Future Bob Cut Employees

June has been a reckoning—a reckoning for BIPOC. A reckoning for Black Trans men and women. A reckoning of how we treat people in this country. And though June may be over, the fight is not. The United States, California, and the Bay Area have a lot of steps to take (and we mean a […]

Secret Recipe: Indian Summer Popsicles

Take your childhood sweet treats and reinvent them for the coming heatwaves. These Indian summer popsicles are great for any occasion so happy making.   Fennel Infused Gin & Tonic Popsicles Serves 6, Ingredients 12 oz Tonic Water 2 oz Gin ¼ cup Lime juice ¼  Fennel bulb, plus leaves 1T Honey 1T Whole Black […]

December Editor’s Letter: Of The New Decade

I’ve been thinking a lot about the events that have led me to where this magazine is now—I believe I both have had it easy and had it hard. I credit our victories with the hard realities that had to follow pre and post celebration, it’s a fine balance of wanting to scream from the […]

August Editor’s Letter—Summer Eulogy

If you know me and know Bob Cut, you probably most definitely also know that it’s time for my yearly Summer Eulogy. A silly yet deeply earnest love letter to the most perfectly crafted, fickle as hell season of them all.  I have been a summer person since I have been a person. Maybe it’s […]

The July Editor’s Letter: It’s Intern Season

Picture this: it’s Friday night and it’s been a hell of a week. Something has just been aggravating you. No other way to say it. Irritation coming at you from all sides. Is it the current political climate? Well, it’s perpetually that, but this time it’s something else, too. Is it the city air, polluted, […]

The May Editor’s Letter: On Endings

Game of Thrones finished out its final season this month, so like any culture obsessed, Jon Snow loving fool, I’ve been thinking a lot about endings. I started with Thrones. How do I feel now that it’s over? (Terrible and betrayed.) But also, this: Why did this hit me so hard? In my own defense, […]

Homage to California: A Peak into Our Community

Every month, our Associate Editor sends a narrative out to our newsletter followers, with the aim of telling a California tale and promoting content on the site we think you should be reading. For a glimpse into this world, read our June Editor’s Letter below. Fancy a taste for more? Subscribe to our newsletter and […]

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