Would You Confess Your Inner Thoughts — The Wall Of Empathy Hits The Mission

<img src="http://static1.squarespace.com/static/58393163bebafb6551265dd9/583932e357bf42f996cea64b/583932e657bf42f996cea70e/1480145059106/tumblr_inline_ogrvavtSc51qcg0hm_540.jpg.a. Levee, started his “Subway Therapy” wall last Wednesday, providing Post-Its for strangers to leave notes to each other and a message that simply said “Express Yourself” in a long underground tunnel that connects the Sixth and Seventh Avenue stations at 14th Street in Manhattan. According to ABC News, more than 1500 notes have […]

How Bay Area Voters Selfie’d (After Polling Duh!) + Our Fave Shots To Celebrate

Team Baggu took an office day and strolled to their Mission district polling office. What a rad group photo, no? Fashion stylist Chelsea Martin sported Alexa Chung hair, an all-denim-outfit and chicly sported her voting sticker. Cocokind founder, Priscilla Tsai, got some sun posting her voting sticker on Instagram this Afternoon.  Etta+Billie’s founder, Alana, wanted […]

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