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A Moment With Adrian Octavius Walker And His Work Detailing the African American Experience

Upon scrolling our Twitter feed recently, we noticed the recurring words, “My daughter saw my work hanging for the first time. Forever blessed,” accompanied by photographs from a powerful exhibition. That’s when we discovered Adrian Octavius Walker, a photographer and activist based in Oakland. After scrolling through his extensive body of work, we could sense […]

The November Editor’s Letter: The Wasteland

This past weekend, after more than seventeen days of flames blazing through 153,000 acres of land, the Camp Fire in Butte County was officially declared as contained. Down South, more than 100,000 acres were burned in the Woolsey and Hill Fires raging through Malibu, Ventura, and surrounding areas. With each year bringing greater wildfire and […]

A Weekend Deserves Fresh Donuts and Tony Bennett… Duh

May played us hot and cold, but welcome to June! Celebrate by eating all the donuts and getting a selfie with Tony Bennett. If you succeed at the latter, hashtag us on Insta #bobcutmag P.S. don’t forget to cast your votes in next week’s election! If not for you, then for the kids. They’re the […]

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