You Had Me at “Varied Price Points”: Verve Wine on Fillmore

Pretty much as a rule, if you feed us tacos, we probably like you. Thus one of the reasons we’re already adamant fans of Verve Wine Bar on Fillmore and Jackson: they fed us tacos at their opening, they sent us home with wine. We are deeply indebted to them for this service, and that’s […]

Off The Menu: The Snug—The Coziest Bar on Fillmore

A good pub in the fall is a respite like no other. The Snug on Fillmore Street opens its doors this month, providing all the cozy comfort food and cocktails to warm up Pacific Heights. With sustainability and originality in mind, the creators of The Snug have curated a menu that is both familiar and […]

Shop Talk: The Reset’s Pop Up Brings Fillmore Street Back to the Basics

The Reset, the San Francisco-based company aiming to inspire women through online content and fashion, has opened its first pop-up shop on Fillmore Street. We chatted with designer Cat Wu about the versatility of the line, and why San Francisco is crazy about it. Founder and CEO Maria Peevey and designer Cat Wu kept women […]

Ready Your Jazz Hands: How to Get the Best Out of Jazz Fest This Weekend

The 2014 Fillmore Jazz Fest, photo via Wikimedia Commons, illustration by Anthony Rogers Just go with the groove. Even though the famous Yoshi’s jazz lounge may be across San Francisco Bay in Oakland, that doesn’t mean you still can’t find brass instrument hooks and vivacious hands swirling about in San Francisco. And, since it’s Wednesday […]

Serving Southern Hospitality with Sunday Bird — Quick Cut EP 4

For food savant, Deuki Hong, the perfect flavor is all about the produce you choose. For his San Francisco first, Sunday Bird, the choice was clear to open a fully served chicken shop. Meeting up with Deuki was entering his world of constant prep, double checking his to-do list, and inevitably preparing for the hungry […]

Jenny Sharaf Gets Experimental with Freda Salvador

Freda Salvador; A chic little boutique sitting on Fillmore street it boasts an amazing collection of unique and quirky shoes. Definitely a place to mentally bookmark for the people who love shopping San Francisco boutiques. Any style maven knows that this Sausalito-based footwear brand is a definite must-have. For those who haven’t discovered Jenny Sharaf […]

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