Here’s How To Stay Up-To-Date With the Wildfires — and Ways to Help Those Fleeing Them

San Francisco has filled with smoke again; the Bay Area is burning — again. We’re, truly, living in dystopian times. Climate change is as real as human ignorance. Hope saddles compassion in exact parallels. Alas: it’s times of catastrophe that call us, as a whole, to act; to reach out; to do our individual parts […]

The Reality Of North Bay: The Life Of Disaster; Tourists Not Welcome

Home is where the heart is and my heart is broken. I can smell the distinct odor of burnt rubber even through my respirator mask. The neighborhoods are strangely quiet, except for the occasional crow and the rustling of charred leaves. I’ve read about the magnitude of the damage, but I was still unprepared for […]

Say Goodbye To Bonfires at Ocean Beach… Yeah, We’re Serious

KRON 4 reports, this ban will give the cleaning crews enough time to properly clean out the pits and toss disgusting metal pits. The ban will also help improve our air quality in hopes to raise concern during winter Spare The Air days. Also following suit, the fires must go out before 9:30pm and must […]

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