Here’s How To Stay Up-To-Date With the Wildfires — and Ways to Help Those Fleeing Them

San Francisco has filled with smoke again; the Bay Area is burning — again. We’re, truly, living in dystopian times. Climate change is as real as human ignorance. Hope saddles compassion in exact parallels. Alas: it’s times of catastrophe that call us, as a whole, to act; to reach out; to do our individual parts […]

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The November Editor’s Letter: The Wasteland

This past weekend, after more than seventeen days of flames blazing through 153,000 acres of land, the Camp Fire in Butte County was officially declared as contained. Down South, more than 100,000 acres were burned in the Woolsey and Hill Fires raging through Malibu, Ventura, and surrounding areas. With each year bringing greater wildfire and […]

Local Companies Supporting the Camp Fire Relief Efforts

It’s normal to feel completely helpless when you see communities ravaged by disaster. The fires in Butte County have been the most devastating in California history. The death toll continues to rise and over 1,000 are missing. If all we have to deal with down in the Bay Area is smoke, we can put on […]

Breathe Carefully Bay Area, The Air Quality Is Going To Get Worse

Due to a campfire off the heels of East Bay—the Bay Area is covered in a layer of smoke. Cal Fire reports that the Camp Fire in Butte County, roughly 160 miles northwest of San Francisco, that started at around 6:30 a.m. Thursday has grown to a size of at least 8,000 acres and promoted evacuations […]

Resources For Those Who Have Suffered The Napa / Sonoma Fires

It’s gotta be people helping people, no doubt about it. Check out the resources below and let us know if anything needs to be corrected, the dates specified when they will start doing these services to residents: FREE FOOD / WATER: • Amy’s Drive Thru in Rohnert Park: offering free meals to those evacuated. If […]

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