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Señor Sisig Teams Up With The City Eats Help Satiate Those Affected By COVID-19

It feels like we’re in a vacuum on monotopic, demoralizing news nowadays, with each 24-hour span yielding higher COVID-19-related death tolls, case counts, and economic turmoil caused by the pandemic. But amid these uncertain times, it’s refreshing to recognize that some people and organizations (like Señor Sisig and The City Eats) are doing their part […]

Miss Arepita Mixes Culture and Gluten-Free Goodness Into Her Appetizing Sandos

Tradition and the savory memories that follow serve as the ties that bind us to each other, and anchor us to a sense of comfort and peace. For Carolina Abolio and her Venezuelan culinary background, founded Miss Arepita and Arepa Mobile as a way to bring Venezuelan cuisine “to your backyard.” Arepa is a type of […]

Off The Menu: Señor Sisig Lands A Home In The Mission

Senor Sisig is now a permanent resident in the Mission, photo via Tech Crunch The “Bay Area’s acclaimed Filipino fusion cuisine” has now landed itself in the Mission offering burritos, tacos and rice plates. Launched in 2010, the truck has seen the likes of tech workers, Off The Grid’s, and events alike—longtime friends Evan Kidera […]

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