gallery 16

Gallery 16 Puts the Spotlight on Nathaniel Parsons—And Rightly So

San Francisco’s art scene has been garnering more and more praise as of late, and for good reason. From classic museums to local galleries, we’re here to keep you cultured. Next up on your list should be Nathaniel Parsons’ exhibition at Gallery 16. Parsons, an Oakland-based artist, drew from past work and a variety of […]

Bay Area artist Tucker Nichols Releases Solo Exhibition ‘Patio Music’

A simplicity of color, Bay Area artist Tucker Nichols sets the mood with his solo Patio Music. Like snapshots from his life, Nichols expresses his painting to simulate “a vibrant storm of energy, while being somber and sweet.” As flowers serve as malleable messengers in Nichols’s paintings, they also provide the perfect amount of content for him […]

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