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Outdoorsy Things To Do for People Who Hate the Outdoors

Let’s be real, California has a high-key vibe for doing things outside. You hear about all the Bay Area has to offer, and aside from the city, you’ll hear all about the great trails and hikes that surround the city. You’ll be pestered with invites for BBQs on the beach or a weekend long camping […]

Places to Meditate and Get Out Of Your Head in San Francisco

The universe, while judicious, is also random and cruel. (Read: it’s December 27th, 2020.) San Francisco is an odd urban mix of chaos and serenity. Yoga and meditation studios are just as wide spread and culturally acceptable as 80-hour workweeks and $4,000 rental prices. So, naturally, our slice of Northern California is teeming with little […]

Relax in Nature with 10 of these Natural California Hot Springs

Whether you’re looking for zen or to just be naked in nature, we rounded up some of Northern California’s best hot springs (both natural and resort) to check out. For those who decide to choose the natural springs, please be respectful of the wildlife, greenery, and water. You don’t know how your actions can affect […]

Outdoor Chic: Six Ways To Glamp Instantly in NorCal

Taking a moment to “glamp” as the kids say is a moment to recharge right as we get into the almost Summer madness. And don’t worry, these sites are all affordable and group-friendly. Steep Ravine Cabins Welcome to the completely bare bones experience where waves crashing against the rocks in the morning sets off into […]

The August Editor’s Letter: August, Die She Must

And she did, didn’t she. Simon & Garfunkel, those dudes don’t lie. Compared to the firework quality of July—a month that is about as pure summer as summer can get—August is this strange, languid stretch of time when temperatures jump as Indian Summer swells; the quiet anxiety of the season’s end grips everyone from school […]

Weekend Escape: Nick’s Cove is California Perfection

Californians have always had a remarkable talent for escape. We made an entire state for this purpose, did we not? From the peaks to the valleys, expansive cities to tiny, rural towns, inlets and islands, and everything else in the space between fantasies, this state knows how to get out of dodge in gorgeous places. […]

So It Sorta Of Snowed Yesterday in Oakland—But Sorta Not Really

What looked like snow but didn’t have the “winter wonderland” feel—yes, hail and it hurt like hell. We were surprised as well—if global warming and intense weather conditions aren’t real then someone report this to the White House. But for those who got to stay inside and watch the sheets of icy white pebbles rain […]

Outlandish: SF Festival Season Officially Drops

Ranger Dave has been teasing you for weeks now, be it through instagram posts, email reminders, you name it. Eager Beaver tickets went live online last Thursday, with Leisure Beaver following suit. The drum roll ended this morning around 10am—and we must say, Outside Lands, you done good. What we’re pumped for: In short, BORNS. […]

Shop Talk: Outdoor Voices Moves Into Hayes Valley And Their Interior Design Game Is Fire

Where Lululemon and Athleta stand no chance, Outdoor Voices’ chic digs move in on Hayes Street. Of course, not local to the neighborhood—Outdoor Voices moved in to the right place. Helming outdoor wear beautifully, we were in awe of the space and interior design. Designed by Will Fox and the team at McGuire Moorman in […]

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