grape club

The Grape Club Ep 2: Contracting The Clap, The Fickleness of Tech + Love, and How To Train Your Eyebrows

Welcome back to the Grape Club: a semi-casual podcast by two Bay Area locals who drink wine and shoot the shit. Not actual shit but enough to talk about various topics of millennial interest. That was a mouth full and so is this episode. This week Josh and I dive into how the hook-up, relationship, […]

The Grape Club Ep 1: How This Podcast Came To Be with your hosts Anthony Rogers and Josh Lopez

Welcome to the Grape Club: a semi-casual podcast about the goings of two friends who fancy good wine on Saturday nights. This episode covers how Josh Lopez and Anthony Rogers met, friends of friends, and how we live in today’s Bay Area. We’re both excited to be doing this as a 5 episode season. I (Anthony) […]

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