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5 Things You May Experience on the 5R: Straight From a Devoted Muni Rider

You can almost always count on Muni to be a hot, hot mess. (Especially on those days temperatures reach a record breaking 69 degrees.) However, with countless stops and endless routes, Muni provides a cheap and truly accessibly opportunity to experience all San Francisco has to offer. Hop on the 22 Fillmore in the Marina […]

Why Is Getting Your Shit Back From Uber A Soap Opera: Let’s Talk How & Why This Happens

Photo via the Transit Center of America We’ve all gotten way drunker than we wanted too, called an Uber, and unfortunately have left items in said Uber. What do you do? I, who use ride sharing apps frequently, haven’t ever been privy to the idea of losing my personal items in someone’s vehicle. I triple […]

The Hottest Hook Up App You Haven’t Tried, Lyft.

When the bedroom romance has fizzled and the hotel rentals have become scarce – what’s the next best thing? Call a mobile rock-the-boat, happy fornicating San Francisco. While sitting pretty 15 minutes into the ride, i was seated in the front seat and as usual, or as the rest of San Francisco, I don’t engage […]

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