Everything You Need To Know About The Moms For Housing Movement

“There are four times as many empty homes in Oakland as there are people without homes,” states the Moms For Housing website, “No one should be homeless when homes are sitting empty. Housing is a human right.” And the world saw the mothers of Oakland who fought to get out of homelessness. Now after months […]

Domestic Questions
Domestic Questions

‘HOUSING BLACK’ Mural Debuts in Tenderloin, Bringing Attention to Black Homelessness in San Francisco

Yesterday afternoon, philanthropic creative Malik Seneferu unveiled the massive “HOUSING BLACK” street mural on Tenderloin’s Golden Gate Avenue—echoing a chromatic call to fight the housing disparity and insecurity that runs rampant in the city. And across the Bay Area, for that matter. Developed in collaboration with a bevy of organization and community notables—Code Tenderloin, St. […]

Why Money Terrifies Me, It Shouldn’t But It’s The Driving Force In The Bay Area

Money literally scares me. Making it, spending it, splurging it. I struggle getting comfortable with it enough to part from it. But with living in San Francisco, freelancing, and starting a publication—I should be able to pat myself on the back. I struggle to be real, to be fiscal, and to be indulgent when I […]

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