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Shop Talk: Foggy Notion Expands into a Larger Location on Clement Street

Times are changing and Foggy Notion in the Inner Richmond is ready to grow outside its older legs. Alissa Anderson, the founder of Foggy Notion, told us that the space is bigger, badder, and will service her community more. “The new location is three times the size of her current shop,” she said, “and on the […]

Shop Talk: The Inner Richmond’s Seedstore is Fostering a Community for a Growing City

Photo courtesy of Seedstore Nestled between Arguello and 10th Ave., a lively strip of shops on Clement Street in the Richmond has become a budding destination for San Franciscans aspiring to be tourists in their own city. Locally owned mom and pop shops, bookstores, and restaurants sprinkle the street, creating a lively and welcoming community […]

Off The Menu: EDM-Themed Milk Tea Bar Arrives In The Inner Richmond

A small selection of their EDM-inspired drinks, photo courtesy of Gosu SF Making buzz for the spring season is a boba tea concept that many people were skeptical too. Gosu SF in the Inner Richmond has unleashed it’s love for P.L.U.R at Clement between 11th & 12th Ave. “Being Asian, it was hard to tell […]

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