kamala harris

Fiction: The Birth Of Presidency—“The Mother for Trump”

How a mother taught her daughter the forms and fiction of this year’s Presidential election. Emma spoke in soft, pastel tones, a cadence she continued to carry into her early-forties. “Don’t you think the lawn looks healthier this year then the last,” she doted, spearing the topsoil with a pronged shaped piece of silver steel. […]

She’s Coming 2020: Oaklandite Kamala Harris Announces Her Race For Presidency

As more women enter the 2020 race, another prospect has entered the ring—Oakland’s own Kamala Harris. Born in Oakland and served as the district attorney of San Francisco from 2004 until 2010—Harris has thrown in her name for the seated position of President of the United States of America 2020. To those who found out, […]

The Phenomenal Woman Campaign Pops Up This Weekend In SF & Oakland

Photo courtesy of Daniel Lee What it means to be a “leading lady” in today’s society has become incredibly blurred. The Phenomenal Woman Campaign has struck the Bay Area in such a way that it’s being compared to the NOH8 campaign of years past. Yes, pictures included. Started by the niece of senator Kamala Harris, Meena […]

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