How a SCOBY Named Sheila Changed My Life

I walk to my bedroom with an empty swing top bottle in my hand, open my clothing closet and a waft of sweet and tangy air parades my senses. Amidst my partner and my folded shirts, pants and sweaters dwell other creatures, my kombucha SCOBYs (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). Slimy jellyfish-like-pancakes float in […]

Gut Feelings: Brian Igersheim Talks Kombucha

Leave it to the North Bay to take an already popular food market and somehow infinitely improve it. We’re only half kidding when I say there must be something in the water once you cross the threshold of the Golden Gate Bridge. Food movements flourish there. Land is sacred. Agriculture is honorable. And most recently, […]

Off The Menu: Dolores Outpost To Open In Well… Dolores, Surprised?

Kombucha on tap and other sorted amenities, Dolores Outpost is certain to become one hell of a chic spot. A spot that once was to buy cigarettes and 40s, is now the home of a very chic outpost that sells various kombucha on tap and mochi muffins to go. Seriously though, we had mochi muffins […]

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