matt charnock

Why I Decided to Address My Coffee Codependency During The Pandemic

“Hi, my names Matt. And I’m a coffee addict.” I began noticing coffee had become more than just a morning ritual earlier this year. Steeping and steaming cup after cup of piping-hot, soil-colored gold in thee wee-hours of the morning had begun to lost its inherent sheen; the whole process, like the things around it, […]

Fiction: The Birth Of Presidency—“The Mother for Trump”

How a mother taught her daughter the forms and fiction of this year’s Presidential election. Emma spoke in soft, pastel tones, a cadence she continued to carry into her early-forties. “Don’t you think the lawn looks healthier this year then the last,” she doted, spearing the topsoil with a pronged shaped piece of silver steel. […]

Curtain Call: ‘The Jungle’ is a Fresh, Wide-eyed Take on Immersive Theatre That Sticks the Landing

There’s something unshakably intimate about “The Jungle” that, now some days later after witnessing the spectacle firsthand (floor-side), has profoundly changed how I look at the theater. Or, rather: it set a new, nose-bleedingly-high bar for future plays I attend. At first glance—and step—into the Curran, where “The Jungle” is currently playing till the 19th, […]

When I Gave Out Vegan Sandwiches On Turk Street

A single chocolate-covered mint bounced off the hotel room’s geometrically made bed. I remembered not bothering to later find it — the mint, that is, surrendering it to the gap between the headboard and queen-size mattress. I did, however, make an effort to rendezvous for a dinner party I had earlier agreed to. The party, albeit a […]

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