The Future is Here: You can now get Ramen from a Vending Machine Robot

When you think good ramen, the image that pops into your mind is probably a cozy, bustling establishment teeming with people forming a line out the door. At each table, each person is hunched over their hot bowl of steamy broth and noodles. While that may be the case for most spots you’ll find in […]

The BAM! Box Review: All About the ...
The BAM! Box Review: All About the Subscription Box Service

Robot Baristas Are The Future At The Metreon

Amy Osborne, Special To The Chronicle As Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama would say, “I’m an expert on humans, not robits,” but really, we’re really excited from them. Made to make the perfect espresso every time, The Metreon got it’s newest kiosk and much to the surprise of movie go-ers, not a single person was there […]

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