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Comedic Timing—Uber Drivers in SF Who Don’t Commit Crimes But Cause Insatiable Humor

We all make mistakes but some are funnier than others. This little mess (found on Hoodline) was an Uber story that got more of a comedic laugh than a citation but still sub-came to somewhat malicious commenters. On the corner of Church and Market near the Safeway stairs, an Uber driver who said, “to be […]

Canvas Brings The Artform of Graffiti to the Masses on Market St.

Breathing (or not) new life into the former The Hall on Market, War Horse LLC and Tidewater Capital—the building’s current owners—partnered with Cameron Moberg, to bring the art of graffiti to a whole new extreme. When was the last time you were allowed to paint on the walls or collaborate with friends in the creation of […]

Off The Menu: Waystone Offers It’s Mid Market Rush Zesty Glasses of Wine

their menu’s are serving a variety of sandwiches, salads, and 25 beers on tap — along with the wine duh. And down the line, ceviches are in the foreseeable future (by former La Mar chef-partner Billy Riordon). Enjoy the food Warfield crowd. // 992 Market Street, Mid-Market, waystonesf.com Written by Anthony Rogers, photos courtesy of […]

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