Here’s How To Stay Up-To-Date With the Wildfires — and Ways to Help Those Fleeing Them

San Francisco has filled with smoke again; the Bay Area is burning — again. We’re, truly, living in dystopian times. Climate change is as real as human ignorance. Hope saddles compassion in exact parallels. Alas: it’s times of catastrophe that call us, as a whole, to act; to reach out; to do our individual parts […]

July’s Best New Bay Area Restaurants and Old-School Alternatives To Order To-Go From or Dine Al Fresco at

During the pandemic, our beloved dining and drink communities continue to reel, so my dining column includes takeout/delivery options as well as outdoor dining standouts. And sadly, due to rising cases in California and across the nation, our prior July 13 indoor dining reopen date has been put indefinitely on hold.  So please join me […]

Seven Black Owned Wineries To Support For National Rose Day and Everyday

National Rose Day is coming this Saturday—and while you may be sipping on some currently as the days roll by. We wanted to highlight the Bay Area regions black and brown owned wineries you should be definitely supporting whether rose, pinot, red, and more. As we continue to uplift black and brown voices in the […]

All Roads Lead To Napa: A Guide Of How To Spend Your Day

Napa, a world of it’s own, honestly. A day in Napa region feels like you’ve stepped outside your body, you have a chipper skip in your step. The sun greets you much closer and keeps you energized through what seems to be the whole day. When we were happily galavanting through Napa, we quickly shed […]

A Modern North Bay Guide: As Told By a Vintner’s Daughter

Napa Valley was built by a generation of dreamers; women and men that believed it would be one of the greatest wine growing regions in the world. Through their incredible insight and hard work, Napa is that and so much more. Alongside incredible wines, Napa Valley offers some of the very best cuisine in the […]

Off The Menu: Wining And Dining Done Gorgeously in Napa This Summer

In case our content as of late hasn’t made the point abundantly clear, it’s feasting season, people. Summer is the season of backyard barbeques, breakfasts al fresco, appetizers and happy hours that go far too long. Oh, and wine. Lots of it. And who could argue that there is any place better to do so […]

The Reality Of North Bay: The Life Of Disaster; Tourists Not Welcome

Home is where the heart is and my heart is broken. I can smell the distinct odor of burnt rubber even through my respirator mask. The neighborhoods are strangely quiet, except for the occasional crow and the rustling of charred leaves. I’ve read about the magnitude of the damage, but I was still unprepared for […]

Resources For Those Who Have Suffered The Napa / Sonoma Fires

It’s gotta be people helping people, no doubt about it. Check out the resources below and let us know if anything needs to be corrected, the dates specified when they will start doing these services to residents: FREE FOOD / WATER: • Amy’s Drive Thru in Rohnert Park: offering free meals to those evacuated. If […]

Napa Valley’s Own Forno Piombo is Bringing Back the Beauty of Artisanal Oven Making

Who needs sugar and spice when you have embers and smoke? Napa Valley is ubiquitous with wines; the two go together like a full-bodied Sancerre and a goat’s milk cheese, spread atop a lightly toasted baguette. There’s truly—and in a very literal sense—something in the soil that seems to birth the finest grapes, the most […]

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