The Power of Skin: Botnia Skincare’s Justine Kahn on Cultivating Your Own Ingredients in a Synthetic World

Whichever angle one chooses to look upon Botnia skin care line, it’s remarkable. From a local perspective, it’s unbeatable. With ingredients grown just over the bridge on a beyond-gorgeous microfarm in Sausalito and an accompanying spa in Pacific Heights, the roots of this company are deeply Bay Area. From a beauty perspective, the goods are […]

New Nature Relaxation & inspira...
New Nature Relaxation & inspiration - MQ

How a SCOBY Named Sheila Changed My Life

I walk to my bedroom with an empty swing top bottle in my hand, open my clothing closet and a waft of sweet and tangy air parades my senses. Amidst my partner and my folded shirts, pants and sweaters dwell other creatures, my kombucha SCOBYs (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast). Slimy jellyfish-like-pancakes float in […]

Coyuchi: On Comfort and Modern Sustainability

The rolling hills of Point Reyes, Tomales, Bolinas, and surrounding seashore have been home to some of the greatest agricultural and farm-to-table movements of the past five decades. From Cowgirl Creamery to Tartine Bakery (yes – it technically started in the North Bay before its famed Mission location), the care and love of well-produced, diligently […]

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