COALESCE—Facing These Moments—with Artists in residence Nkechi Njaka and Tauwoo

2020 is coming to an end—we can all thank our stars and garters. But for those who feel that they may have unrecognized baggage from the firestorm of our new decade, this is an event you won’t want to miss. Artists in residence Nkechi Njaka and Tauwoo have experimented with collaboration on all fronts through […]

Sitting Matters: How A Seat Got It’s Business Legs In The Meditation World

Photography by Ashley Tarr Nkechi Njaka and Anthony Atlas have a thing for seats. In a literal sense to the company’s name, sitting does really matter; the name of their cushions entirely fits the aesthetic they seek to achieve. The two, meeting in late 2015, sought to find a practice that satiated their need for […]

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