A SF Poop Map You Didn’t Know You Needed… Or Didn’t

Human feces has been a point of contempt among the SF population. And now, it’s been recorded in an interactive Google map. The “cute” map entitled Human Wasteland marks the highest point of poop to the one off occasions in your neighborhood. It uses human waste reports made to 311 in San Francisco from DataSF and […]

Someone’s Bottled-up the Smell of Baby Kittens, and We’re Having Mixed Feelings

Smell your feline friend anywhere…, Photo via Pexels Ever wonder how you could bottle-up that baby kitten smell? Well, someone has too—and done it. Really puts a whole new meaning to “Beauty and the Beast,” doesn’t it? (Well, not that six-week-old kittens are beast-like, per say—but you get the metaphor.) The noses at Demeter Fragrance […]

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