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An Open Letter To My (and Everyone’s) Filipino Elders: Black Lives Matter To Us

Titos (uncles), titas (aunts), kuyas (older brothers), ates (older sisters), nanays (moms), and tatays (dads), and to my peers who have been silent. Your silence is deafening. For people who are so tight knit as a family and as a community, where are you now that we: your sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, adings (younger sibling) […]

An Open Letter to My Ex: How I Am Moving On Now

It’s a terrible feeling knowing we aren’t together anymore. Every weekend was an adventure around the city. Now, it is unbearable to be in the same room or to chat on the phone. From texting you as soon as I woke up to now being blocked on your phone, completely. To being left utterly alone […]

Is Oakland Low-key Falling Apart?

Dumpster fires pale in comparison to whole construction sites set ablaze. It’s been a tough year for Oakland…and we’re only halfway through. In the past week, we’ve seen up-and-coming residential buildings, brimming with the promise of a brighter tomorrow, succumb to lit gallon of gasoline. Whatever hope and promise the city hoped erect soon became […]

An Open Letter To My CEO: The Message Yelp Needed To Hear

Eat24, published an essay on Medium explaining how little she was paid, and how she couldn’t afford to buy groceries or heat her apartment on her $8.15 an hour salary. Jane recounted her firing in a message to Gawker: “I found out before my manager did. About two hours after I posted the letter, my […]

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