Redwoods and Rivers, California and Me

As a one year old, I fell asleep in an inflatable canoe and was almost lost on the Eel River. True story. Our family dog, a chocolate Lab (the most loyal of all Labrador varieties), saved me by pulling the line back to shore. Perhaps this is where my fearless trust of nature stems. It […]

Ways to be Wild: Brands & Organizations That Move Us

A new kind of sustainable operation is upon us, and we’re here to support the movement all the way home. We’ve collected the companies, non-profits, and coalitions that make us want to stay out past dark. Coyuchi “As we started to broaden the look and feel, there was a sense of wanting the palate to […]

Getaway From The Bay: Tokyo’s Most Photo-Worthy Destinations

This article was originally published on roguehabits.com. Tokyo, the city that invents and reinvents itself, is Japan’s golden child.   Blending the traditional with the ultra modern, from cherry blossom groves and Shinto temples to neon-lit skyscrapers and anime amusement parks. It became the land of the rising sun’s capital in 1868 when Emperor Meiji moved […]

Outdoor Chic: Six Ways To Glamp Instantly in NorCal

Taking a moment to “glamp” as the kids say is a moment to recharge right as we get into the almost Summer madness. And don’t worry, these sites are all affordable and group-friendly. Steep Ravine Cabins Welcome to the completely bare bones experience where waves crashing against the rocks in the morning sets off into […]

Who Says No to Thematic Cocktails at an Outdoor Movie Night?

Summer ain’t over in this city and it’s time to get downright cinematic. Dirty Habits is here to give the Bay a dose of movie magic with its outdoor movie series starting September 9th and running through October 28th. Dirty Habit’s open patio will be transformed into a full-fledge movie theater. As far as what’s […]

So It Sorta Of Snowed Yesterday in Oakland—But Sorta Not Really

What looked like snow but didn’t have the “winter wonderland” feel—yes, hail and it hurt like hell. We were surprised as well—if global warming and intense weather conditions aren’t real then someone report this to the White House. But for those who got to stay inside and watch the sheets of icy white pebbles rain […]

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