Off The Menu: Wining And Dining Done Gorgeously in Napa This Summer

In case our content as of late hasn’t made the point abundantly clear, it’s feasting season, people. Summer is the season of backyard barbeques, breakfasts al fresco, appetizers and happy hours that go far too long. Oh, and wine. Lots of it. And who could argue that there is any place better to do so […]

Mourad’s New Happy Hour Will Have You Tasting All the Flavors of the Rose Rainbow

In case you didn’t already have enough rosé in your life, head to Mourad’s new happy hour. If a few things characterize Millennials, a rosé obsession is definitely one of them. It is the drink to have when you just need to escape to Baker Beach or Dolores Park to forget all about that work-life. […]

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