Social Expressions- To Encourage Somebody

“Social” signifies having to do with people living respectively collectively in a circumstance where their dealings with each other influence their normal government assistance. Read more about Social Expressions. It is identified with looking for or partaking in the friendship of others; amicable; agreeable; gregarious. of, identifying with, associated with, or fit to amenable or popular […]

Customer stories · GitHub
Customer stories · GitHub

Field Notes: Obi Kaufmann on A Better Story

It feels a bit backward to be interviewing Obi Kaufmann—painter, naturalist, and poet—over the phone. Being an individual I’ve wanted to interview for some time, I figured that our chat would take place somewhere picturesque—at the foot of Mt. Tam or some backcountry hike in the East Bay, surrounded by a grove of redwoods or […]

Rebel Eaters Club Wants You To Break Up With Diet Culture, Host Virgie Tovar Furthers The Conversation

Virgie Tovar is a bombshell—there is no doubt about it—whether she is posting to lift others, posting to validate experiences, or posting to right the wrongs of our countries food and diet past, she posts with articulate intention. To know Tovar, is to know her many years of activism in weight-based discrimination and body image […]

#SaveSmall: Emi Grannis Jewelry Is The Perfect Way To Ring In The Season

Welcome to this small column produced by the Bob Cut intern staff. We posted to our social media giving brands, artists, and small business free space to promote whatever they need in a time where the federal government and the local levels won’t offer relief though expecting small businesses to close. So enjoy the promotions […]

Bring Youth To The Power of Surf: Johnny Irwin of City Surf Project Ensuring Equitable Access To The Ocean

When one stirs up the classic image of California surfing, San Francisco is likely not the setting of that picturesque vision. For one, the Northern California waters are often frigid in a brain-shattering way. For two, the lack of constant sun doesn’t immediately inspire the local population to dawn a bikini or some trunks and […]

The World of Molly Tuttle: It’s Hers And We’re All Just Living In It

The former Palo Alto now Nashville-based singer, songwriter has gone through quite the journey in her lifetime. Tuttle experienced a devastating tornado that tore through much of East Nashville, followed by the global pandemic. Tuttle, who grew up in California and has toured as a solo artist for years, suddenly found herself – along with […]

Looking to Refresh that Feed? Here are Instagram Profiles You Need to Follow for The New Year

If you needed a 2018 Insta spruce, here are five accounts that you should be watching this very moment. A post shared by yoseline 〰 cabrera (@yslnc) on Dec 12, 2017 at 8:28am PST @Yslnc Yoseline Cabrera (or lovingly referred to as Josie) is a fashion influencer, stylist, and all around cool girl who takes […]

Know Your Author: A Quick Round Up Of Bay Area Writers, Authors, and Storytellers

There’s plenty to love about the Bay Area. We all know it. We’ve got tech and trends, music and makers, and creativity unbounded. Your reading list should probably reflect that sense of local pride, don’t you think? We’ve rounded up some fantastic Bay Area authors that you need to read; head to your favorite independent […]

Bay Area Beats: How Moonwlk Walked Straight into our Hearts

The path to a career in art is not one filled with roses and sunshine, it takes a hustle mindset to get anywhere. Luckily for us, we caught up with former Bay Area, former California duo Moonwlk (Gabbi Buencamino (vocals) and Nicholas Lazaro (synths, vocals) to talk to us about growing up in the Sunset, making […]

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