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City Heroes: My SuperExtra Yoga Instructor

I have a weird relationship with yoga in the sense that I’m fully on board with a lot of it, yet I also mock it endlessly. I am game for the bendiness and acoustic Drake soundtrack. I love lemon verbena towels waved in my face with the lights out. I’d do dirty things for a […]

“Ours:” An Art Installation That Got Familiarly Intimate

This must be a sign, I thought to myself, as I turned my ticker on and parallel parked into the spot that I had come across on Pine St. Only one block away. This is definitely a sign. After a full afternoon that consisted of visiting a friend over in Berkeley, sitting in (less severe […]

You’re Caught Outside Without Your Keys—7 Stages Of Grief

So you’ve forgotten your keys inside your San Francisco apartment—happens to the best of us. Though your roommates aren’t home, unable to let you in, your friends aren’t picking up their texts and you don’t have neighbors. C’est La Vie. But if you’re ample enough to stay outside and bear the fruit of desolation, these […]

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