Glamping Is an Emotional Reset We All Need To Experience

Camping, glamping, getting away from my computer, my stress, my pure anxiety ridden corpse—didn’t seem like something I needed but oh boy, won’t this essay be a testament to getting away. When the beginning of the pandemic happened (and even before), working from home felt like a novelty—like going to Grandma’s house where you know […]

BWW Exclusive: Conversations and Mu...
BWW Exclusive: Conversations and Music with Michael Feinstein- All About Ephemera

My Dear San Francisco, I Love You More Than You Would Ever Know

I have always felt a little out of step. Whether it was my awkward adolescence, my days as a high school cheerleader (yes, really), or as a student at Cal Poly, I never quite felt completely accepted by the people around me. Don’t get me wrong, the Gemini in me adapts well to different types […]

How I Became An Accidental J-POP Star For The Day

And let me tell you, I was feeling the fantasy. I never thought I could be a performer, nor can (could) I really give speeches in front of crowds of people but you sometimes just have to take a leap and try the unknown. But it was interesting to say the least—from rehearsals, to costumes, […]

When I Gave Out Vegan Sandwiches On Turk Street

A single chocolate-covered mint bounced off the hotel room’s geometrically made bed. I remembered not bothering to later find it — the mint, that is, surrendering it to the gap between the headboard and queen-size mattress. I did, however, make an effort to rendezvous for a dinner party I had earlier agreed to. The party, albeit a […]

That One Time SF Went Dark: Where Our Editors Were

Photography by Andrew Collins Remember that one day SF had no power? Our editor’s do. Here’s a recap of what, where, and how it happened through their eyes. From one of our Editorial Assistants: I was scheduled to work at my part time job in the Marina last Friday when we had the city-wide blackout. […]


It was a windy evening in San Francisco’s Union Square; I was standing in front of the Victoria’s Secret store. Lingerie from the latest runway collection including the VS angels’ wings were on display. “Wow, this one was worn by Kendall Jenner,” said a young woman. Her friends nodded and they both entered the store. […]

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