A Moment With Adrian Octavius Walker And His Work Detailing the African American Experience

Upon scrolling our Twitter feed recently, we noticed the recurring words, “My daughter saw my work hanging for the first time. Forever blessed,” accompanied by photographs from a powerful exhibition. That’s when we discovered Adrian Octavius Walker, a photographer and activist based in Oakland. After scrolling through his extensive body of work, we could sense […]

Hollywood comes to San Francisco and the de Young Museum with Photographer Steve Kahn

The de Young museum will showcase Steve Kahn’s “The Hollywood Suites”, a conceptual photographic series depicting Los Angeles’s social hemorrhaging throughout the 1970’s. Steve Kahn did what artistically inclined individuals tend to do in midst of the societal disintegration; make sense of absurdity through experimental art making. The product of his creative investigations became a […]

Quietness By Ignacio Umana Brings You To A Solitary State Of Mind

He decided to shoot the project with a large format camera with 4×5 color film, which tuned in with the overall concept of the project of slowing down to achieve an inner balance and quietness. Ignacio took only one photo every time he went to Ocean Beach, always from the exact same position – 37º45’31’’ […]

Style’d SF: Opal Pineapple Is The Bay Area’s Vintage Day Dream

Corina hand makes the ceramic objects that vary from vases, plant holders and small sculptures. She is inspired by beauty found in nature and looks to replicate and incorporate its textures, patterns and forms in her pieces. Just like with all other aspects of the girl’s brands, Corina emphasizes her attention to quality and creating […]

SPACE236 Gets Pushed Out Of Leavenworth and Eddy Gallery Space

"It means a lot to me that we were able to create, connect and bring together a new group, in an area with some problems, and get such a positive feedback and support from the community,” said photographer Robby Durler. // Neighbors will be showing through November 11, 2016 at SPACE236, 236 Leavenworth St., Tenderloin, […]

One Photographer’s 24-Hour Photo Expose Turns Into A Day Of Self Discovery

On July 5th, 2016, I did the unimaginable. Perhaps even the unthinkable. I. Photographed. Myself. For 24 hours. This project was a culmination of a million ideas, catalyzed by a million more questions that I’d been asking for quite some time. Some of them sounded like this: “Why is time so warped in photos and […]

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