Fiction: The Birth Of Presidency—“The Mother for Trump”

How a mother taught her daughter the forms and fiction of this year’s Presidential election. Emma spoke in soft, pastel tones, a cadence she continued to carry into her early-forties. “Don’t you think the lawn looks healthier this year then the last,” she doted, spearing the topsoil with a pronged shaped piece of silver steel. […]

5 Ways to Support the USPS — So That You Can Still Vote By Mail in November

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is in crisis — and on the precipice of collapsing entirely. Notice your mail arriving later than usual? Seeing longer lines at the post office lately due to your local branch being understaffed? Have… you logged on to social media? Alas if you’ve done or observed any of the […]

An Interview Of Our Time: Pussy Riot Founder Nadya Tolokno in Conversation

Update #1: The event organizers were recently able to open more seating for this event including additional $20 tickets, but they are going fast, so jump on them while you can! Feminist, political prisoner, mother, activist, artist, radical—Nadya Tolokno is all of these.  But she is best known as the founder of Pussy Riot, an all-female […]

How Politics Could Learn From An Hour Commute On The Muni

Art by Andy Stattmiller, via Muni Diaries Let’s face it — a long commute gives you time to think, to think deeply about issues and topics you would otherwise not. In the sad state of our political climate right now, one asks, how do we make this better? While sitting on Muni, I made parallels between […]

Inauguration Day Live Performance On Market Leaves Audience In Awe

And it’s seriously hypnotizing. Seen about our Facebook feed, we stumbled upon a live dance performance the day of inauguration — the video captures two dancers contained within a plexi (glass) box trying to escape, but all the while, painters begin to spray paint the American flag on from the outside. You can only watch […]

We’re Not Political: Get To Know The Props Coming in November

We normally don’t talk politics unless it’s something super hilarious but this time around, a lot of options are on the table — so when you’re at the poll on November 8th, give yourself the gift of knowledge and get familiarized. Prop A — School Bonds: To repair and rehabilitate San Francisco Unified School District […]

Sony Entertainment Issues Copyright Infringement Towards Supervisor Scott Wiener

Do you ever feel like you’re getting sued? Well senate potential and supervisor Scott Wiener has gotten into a heap of trouble for parodying Katy Perry’s “Firework.” And let us tell you, it may make you cringe. As the race between Jane Kim and Scott Wiener heats up, reaching a millennial vote comes at any […]

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