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4/20: The Allure, Glamour, and Underbelly of Cannabis in California

Something San Francisco does very well is propel an often underrepresented community forward into the modern age. A side effect of this tendency, however, is a kind of amnesia that leaves our culture forgetting its roots, often blind to the place from where it came. Take cannabis, for instance; we now see it infused and […]

Off The Menu: New Farm-To-Table Cannabis-Infused Olive Oil Made for Chefs, Bakers and Avid Home Burners

Photography by Luke Beard Remember when Rachel Ray popularized the term “EVOO” for “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”? Well, now you can get your “EVOO” with a little hit of cannabis. The folks at Pot’d Hulie are dead-set on making you never look at vinaigrettes or bread dippings the same way again. In the past decade, […]

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