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From The Shore: “Signal” on Display at Treasure Island

Upon the unveiling of our beautiful, new Bay Bridge in 2013—with its string lights and palm tree adornments – the skeleton of the old, decrepit bridge waited in the background. Comprised of tons upon tons of steel, the disassembling of the bridge inspired artists and designers from all over the state to step in and […]

Could You Point Me In The Right Direction: SF Reveals “Sister Cities” Sign

The SFMTA recently unveiled an art installation at the Powell Street Cable Car turnaround that identifies each of San Francisco’s sister cities. From Krakow, Poland to Cork, Ireland, residents and visitors alike are able to view the direction of each city and their distance from it. Our question is: What makes a sister city? photo […]

The Spaceship Public Toilets Will Crash Land in SF Says NASA… Well, Not Really

On the list of things San Francisco is “focusing on”—the city in collaboration with the Department of Public Works has narrowed their pick for the next public bathroom design. Shantay you stay. Render courtesy of SMITH Group The department put the ball in the city’s (Civic Design Review and Architectural Review committee) court to pick […]

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