What is Pluviophobia refers to?

About Pluviophobia is a psychological condition in which a person faces intense and excessive fear of anything remotely related to rain like lightning, storms, or thunder. As this fear-causing stimulus is a standard or frequent phenomenon, Pluviophobia can be pretty debilitating. It is an awful experience to get exposed to something one is afraid of […]

Stay Alert North Bay Friends: Heavy Rain This Week Means Flash Floods On Your Side Of The Bay

I wish we were joking. I know we normally don’t report news (nor do we cover weather) but with the predicaments of what’s happening in North Bay, with rebuilding and all—it’s good to stay in the know; here’s what we’ve researched thus far. The National Weather Service warned residents in North Bay areas ravaged by […]

Style’d SF: Flowers On The Wall

Photography by Danielle Rueda, styling by Nicole Lippman, face by Karl Sanchez, hair by Angela Kim, model – Sam C of LOOK Models While being adapted into the spring of things, our favorite San Francisco walls are being colonized in foliage that then blooms into the most beautiful urban bouquets. As an ode to flora […]

Bay Area Beats: Treasure Island Music Festival Got Wet And The People Were Angered

Though a lackluster apology in itself and written Notes… Many were quick to lash out at the festival for not properly preparing. “portnoyscomplaint_13: This letter is infuriating. It is incredibly minimizing of the utter shit show experience that was yesterday. Take some accountability #timf this pedantic attempt to cover your ass for having your festival […]

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