Charles Aweida: Man and His Robot

Oakland based artist Charles Aweida is manipulating the physical through his robotic language to create fine art. A man well versed in a myriad of skills, Aweida’s latest and most unique venture is his focus on creating artwork through technology out of his home studio in Oakland. With his robotic arm, Uma, Aweida is taking […]

Robots Will Start The Takeover of Humanity This Week, Watch Out!

Well, not really a takeover BUT yes, you will start to see more of these food delivery bots prowling the streets.  San Francisco banned delivery robots from most city streets in December, but included some exceptions for testing autonomous courier bots in limited areas. On Tuesday however, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 11-0 to […]

Robot Baristas Are The Future At The Metreon

Amy Osborne, Special To The Chronicle As Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama would say, “I’m an expert on humans, not robits,” but really, we’re really excited from them. Made to make the perfect espresso every time, The Metreon got it’s newest kiosk and much to the surprise of movie go-ers, not a single person was there […]

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