A Stream of Thoughts While Running a Half Marathon in Yosemite

There comes a time in some people’s life (mine) where they (me) decide they are going to be the person who runs half marathons. Maybe it’s a godly force of human athleticism that inspires this lunacy, or maybe it’s a well posed Instagram ad that prompts you to text your best friend and say something […]

Bay To Breakers 2017: Our Favorite Costumes, Occurrences, and Other Funny Bits

Photography by Michal Vardy Bay to Breakers, like other major holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, holds a special place in my heart. Look beyond the ludicrous costumes, copious amount of alcohol consumption and inebriated festivities. At the heart of it all: I find a sense of community. San Franciscans — young and old; clothed, naked or […]

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