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Secret Recipe: Late Autumn Cider — Clinging Onto Autumn With a Death Grip

Currently we’ve been drinking down some of our favorite cider recipes to offset the sickness that plagues our work space. We suggest making these recipes for a whole family event or even for those runny nosed friends who crawl back for more. Though we may be coming into September, Autumn doesn’t feel like it’s been […]

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Secret Recipe: Braised Kurobuta Pork with Okinawan Sweet Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts

A perfect holiday recipe (that screams chic) brought to you by chef Bryan Jones of the St. Francis Winery. For those who think ‘non-conventional’ in the kitchen, go ahead and impress your family with your new found cooking skills. No need to thank us. Ingredients: 3 pounds pork shoulder 4 quarts pork stock 2 onions, […]

Secret Recipe: This Spring-Style 18th Street Cobbler Is What You Need To Make Stat

Though we’re seeing spring showers and cold winds have been more apparent, spring offers warmer days and sweeter drinks. So go ahead and make this Lo-Fi 18th Street Cobbler at home to welcome in the season. And for those who aren’t in touch with their inner bartender, don’t fret. It’s as simple as 1-2-3, and […]

Secret Recipe: Indian Summer Popsicles

Take your childhood sweet treats and reinvent them for the coming heatwaves. These Indian summer popsicles are great for any occasion so happy making.   Fennel Infused Gin & Tonic Popsicles Serves 6, Ingredients 12 oz Tonic Water 2 oz Gin ¼ cup Lime juice ¼  Fennel bulb, plus leaves 1T Honey 1T Whole Black […]

Secret Recipe: The Churro Recipe Great All Year Round With Barcino

Whether it’s holidays or even the middle of July, how do you resist an amazingly fluffy churro? We mean, how could you not? We got to meet the Barcino Pumpkin Pie Churro and man, our mouths are sufficiently watered. Get to know this recipe and let us know if you make it for your loved […]

Secret Recipe: The Black And Blue Berry Gin & Tonic For Summer Long Sipping

Though today may be National Gin & Tonic day, everyday can be Gin & Tonic day if you use delicious seasonal ingredients. And because you can. In the Bob Cut spirit, we wanted to create a drink that was simple but also very beautiful to make. And talk about easy as well. This Blackberry-blueberry collaboration […]

Secret Recipe: Get Marbled With At-Home Tea Eggs

Food and art can live in the same realm, and this Chinese Tea Egg recipe is living proof. Chinese marbled tea eggs are almost too pretty to eat. (Almost.) If they didn’t make such a great afternoon snack — with their subtle savory flavor and satisfyingly firm texture — we might be tempted to just […]

How To Do Friendsgiving Right—A List Of Local Recipes To Bring To The Table

Celebrating for all the right reasons? And not the ones that displaced millions of Native Americans? If you’re not coming together with family over a warmly-cooked turkey and cranberries straight from the can—a friendsgiving is in order. For those who’ve never celebrated a friendsgiving—it’s when either you’re without family for the holiday or you decide […]

Secret Recipe: A Pork Sisig That Even Our Ina Would Love

Leaving Sausalito’s acclaimed Sushi Ran for San Francisco’s struggling 1760 was the best decision Chef Carl Foronda ever made. Well, it was the best decision for 1760, anyway, which is having a revival thanks to Foronda’s global flavors. And we’re not compaining…have you tried the pork sisig yet? Having grown up in the kitchen with […]

Secret Recipe: DUM Indian Soul Food’s Scotch Egg

Eggs have become very popular with the explosion of Instagram. Listen, we’re not kidding. The pouring out egg shots as they ooze onto your butter toast and hash browns, you know exactly what we’re talking about. DUM Indian Soul Food in the Mission, however, have taken egg innovations to new heights with their Indian Scotch […]

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