shelter in place

Indoor Dining And Museums Are Back But Is It Too Soon?

San Francisco has been the safest city to be in during the highs and lows of the COVID-19 pandemic. Everything from being the first to shelter-in-place to eviction moratoriums, the city and its leaders have been using their heads. But now, we’re a fatal limbo state that could put us behind again, you see, San […]

Five Key Tips To Celebrate a Shelter In Place Party During Quarantine

For our birthday month goers—we see you. It’s hard to be upbeat and lifted when there is so much going on in the uncertain. But we don’t want to make the uncertain affect the one day you get to celebrate. That’s why our editor’s put together a pretty simple list of key takeaways for those […]

The Sound of Shelter in Place: Mill Valley’s Unanimous and Ominous “Howl”

With shelter in place orders stretching on for nearly two months now, our days have blurred together into a vast expanse of Zoom calls, screens, scrolling, and a grab-bag of hobbies that assist in passing the time. For most of us, time as a concept has shifted; 11am just might be a perfectly acceptable hour […]

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