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Top 5 Bay Area Startups That Will Make Your Life WAY Easier

Living in the Bay Area means that startup culture is just a normal part of life. VCs, IPOs, digital transformation– all great, catchy words that get thrown around. Most of the startups we hear about in the news are abstract, however, and focused on providing services to other businesses or niche tech-spaces. So are we, […]

Muuse Bringing Reusable to the Forefront of Sustainability

Four independent San Francisco coffee shops are the testing ground for the effort, which is ostensibly intended to reduce single-use packaging waste. Muuse, a coffee cup tech start-up, launches their app and reusable cup program around San Francisco. There has been an unspoken nuance of coffee culture for San Francisco and ultimately the Bay Area […]

Steap Tea Opens In Chinatown And Their Founder Is Bringing Taiwan’s Version Of Boba To Your Soul

A post shared by STEAP Tea Bar (@steapteabar) on Apr 14, 2017 at 3:04pm PDT And Emil DeFrancesco, founder of Steap Tea, is serious bae goals. Transplanted from New York, the new owner wants to bring his balls of Taiwan taste to the residents of SF but more specifically Chinatown. After conceptualizing his own bubble […]

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