With Love, From the Sea: Jake Tellkamp on Sea Hugger

Shell Cleave sits atop her surfboard in the waters off Laihana, Maui. She is joined by her husband, Bob, and daughter, Cassandra. The sun rises over the emerald spires of the Luakoi ridge. God rays stream through the clouds dancing off the electric blue water illuminating the small and gentle waves that have attracted the […]

Bring Youth To The Power of Surf: Johnny Irwin of City Surf Project Ensuring Equitable Access To The Ocean

When one stirs up the classic image of California surfing, San Francisco is likely not the setting of that picturesque vision. For one, the Northern California waters are often frigid in a brain-shattering way. For two, the lack of constant sun doesn’t immediately inspire the local population to dawn a bikini or some trunks and […]

Mavericks Surf Competition is… Back?

To all the confusion, yes, Mavericks Surf Competition is back after a jarring lawsuit that took it down a peg. The competition where 100’s of 1000’s of dollars can be won by riding the big swell, whilst executing elegantly. Starting with the inclusion of women surfers, this is the first year the contest could feature […]

Maverick Surfer’s Competition Welcomes Women Competitors For The First Time

told Surfer Mag that this announcement came earlier than expected, since organizers had originally said they would be having the first women’s heat in the 2017 / 18 season. "I wasn’t expecting this. But I think it’s awesome. I’m just excited to see the women’s side of the sport strengthen. It felt weird always asking […]

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