Today Marks The 112th Anniversary of the 1906 Earthquake

Scientists theorize and essentially know the next big whammy in imminent for our time. But for the people who survived the 1906 earthquake (that took out nearly 90%) of the city—they could not predict the reality of falling  asleep only to wake up to disaster on April, 18th 1906. A 7.8 earthquake centered near the […]

San Francisco in Film: A Quick Flashback For Those Who Love The 60’s

Because a TBT on a Monday wouldn’t be complete without a “WOW! That was there?” Why yes, you can believe.  Peering again through the archives of the private photo collection by Charles W. Cushman, made available online through the Indiana University Archives, we got a sense of warmth while endlessly scrolling through his entire collection. It’s […]

Did You Know? The Church of Satan’s HQ was on California St.?

As the neighborhood modernized, one home that stood between two creme colored flats did not. This was the Church of Satan. The Black House was a building that formerly stood at 6114 California St., in the Outer Richmond. The house was used by Anton LaVey as the headquarters of his Church of Satan from 1966 until […]

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