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Rags to Vintage Riches: How I Watched My Favorite Small Shop Evolve

Welcome to the new age of fashion, where millennials and Gen Z alike are shunning fast fashion and opting more and more for vintage styles and thrifted looks. Luckily, the Bay is a hub for high-quality, carefully curated vintage clothing from Haight all the way to Hayward. But there’s a side of vintage we as […]

Local Eco-Friendly Womenswear Brands We Need In Our Closets

You know where to buy fast fashion—it’s in those ads, one mere click away on your computer. Or, likely, at a shopping center near you. However, if you want to find ethically-made, sustainable, and eco-friendly wear, the options aren’t as abundant. (Nor as easy to find.) But, don’t fret, we did the legwork for you…and […]

An Attainable Holiday Gift Guide For All The Bay Area To Enjoy

Every year, the holidays roll around and we’re stuck on inspiration to gift people. Though some resort to gift cards and quick fixes in gift giving, we’re taken another root and sourced our favorite, out-of-the-box ideas that can easily translate from full gift wrap to stocking stuffer. And of course, much ado to the number, […]

Our Little Shop on 12th Avenue Is Open! Have You Stopped by?

Continue to love your small business, they put in so much work to make sure you love it. This past weekend, we opened our flagship pop-up called, The Weekend Pop-Up. We wanted to also bring in some of our favorite women makers in the Bay Area to celebrate this momentous occasion for the brand. At […]

Shop Talk: General Store Opens New Spot In The Sunset And It’s Equally Gorgeous

The General Store, what can we not say about them?  The chic enclave that homes the finest geographic wares in the country has excitedly opened their second shop in their home neighborhood, The Sunset. The co-founders photographer/artist Serena Mitnik-Miller and her architect hubby Mason St. Peter, designed the space for ultimate cozy feels and the […]

Jewelry Designer Emily C.’s New Necklace Is Magical and Very Stylish

We love it when design and functionality come together seamlessly in one product. That is precisely what local jewelry designer Emily C. has done with her eye-catching necklace. The necklace doubles as a ring holder, perfect for situations when you don’t want to lose track of that shiny rock clinging onto your finger for dear […]

Slip Them On And Go: Where To Get Cool Mules In San Francisco

2018 is the year of the mule. And as the sun attempts to stay around longer, I’ve been bustin’ out my backless taps whenever I need a simple on and off shoe. But if you were in the market for a pair of mules and didn’t know where to start, we made you a simple […]

Shop Talk: Heath Sews Fulfills Your Carry-All Needs

There’s a reason Heath Ceramics has been around since 1948. The brand has long been at the forefront of sleek, minimalist, functional ceramics, all created right here in San Francisco. Similar to our city, Heath Ceramics has managed to remain a classic while simultaneously diving into new arenas. Next week, the company officially launches their […]

Style’d SF: Fall Fashion In The Bay Area We Know You’ll Love

Fall is officially here and although it may not quite be feeling like it in San Francisco yet, it’s worth getting started on revamping your fall wardrobe. San Francisco style is quite different to many major cities, while it’s not widely recognized as a “fashion” city, it does have a plethora of independent designers and […]

Get It Beauty: Forget A Boring Postcard, Send Your Loved One A “Design Your Own Palette” by TheBalm

Because a little bit of camp is good once in a while, we just discovered theBalm’s Design Your Own Palette with the cutest SF memorabilia on it. We recently discovered these beauties from theBalm nearly a week ago and we certainly had to check it out. Though our mothers, grandmothers, etc love a cute postcard […]

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