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Ganja Yoga, Tarot Workshops, and More This Weekend In The Bay Area

Virtual is the new reality and taking the dog out for a walk has become a moment of joy. We by nature are social creatures and not even a pandemic can stop us from connecting and sharing the human experience. As our new normal sets in, online experiences and events are becoming more important, allowing […]

The Weekend Is Full Of Art, Comedy, and Music: Here’s Your Virtual Weekend Agenda

This weekend is a great reminder of the resiliency of our Bay Area communities. It’s been over 20 days since we have all been at home, and some of us have started talking to plants and hiding in the bathroom to get some space—but we persist. We keep creating and we keep showing up. So […]

Stay In Your Home and Do Stuff: This Weekend Is Filled With Virtual Events

Just because we are all doing our part by staying home, doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun. From the ultimate virtual happy hour to poetry and film, the bay area is bringing the magic right into our homes. Finding moments of community and levity are super important as we all navigate our new normal. […]

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