So It Sorta Of Snowed Yesterday in Oakland—But Sorta Not Really

What looked like snow but didn’t have the “winter wonderland” feel—yes, hail and it hurt like hell. We were surprised as well—if global warming and intense weather conditions aren’t real then someone report this to the White House. But for those who got to stay inside and watch the sheets of icy white pebbles rain […]

English Conversation About Weather
English Conversation About Weather

Bay Area Beats: Treasure Island Music Festival Got Wet And The People Were Angered

Though a lackluster apology in itself and written Notes… Many were quick to lash out at the festival for not properly preparing. “portnoyscomplaint_13: This letter is infuriating. It is incredibly minimizing of the utter shit show experience that was yesterday. Take some accountability #timf this pedantic attempt to cover your ass for having your festival […]

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