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Secret Recipe: Braised Kurobuta Pork with Okinawan Sweet Potatoes and Brussels Sprouts

A perfect holiday recipe (that screams chic) brought to you by chef Bryan Jones of the St. Francis Winery. For those who think ‘non-conventional’ in the kitchen, go ahead and impress your family with your new found cooking skills. No need to thank us. Ingredients: 3 pounds pork shoulder 4 quarts pork stock 2 onions, […]

July’s Best New Bay Area Restaurants and Old-School Alternatives To Order To-Go From or Dine Al Fresco at

During the pandemic, our beloved dining and drink communities continue to reel, so my dining column includes takeout/delivery options as well as outdoor dining standouts. And sadly, due to rising cases in California and across the nation, our prior July 13 indoor dining reopen date has been put indefinitely on hold.  So please join me […]

Seven Black Owned Wineries To Support For National Rose Day and Everyday

National Rose Day is coming this Saturday—and while you may be sipping on some currently as the days roll by. We wanted to highlight the Bay Area regions black and brown owned wineries you should be definitely supporting whether rose, pinot, red, and more. As we continue to uplift black and brown voices in the […]

Wine Your Heart Out: 10 Bay Area Haunts We’re Sipping

Gone are the days of the dark, murky wine bar with stale bread chips and music you wouldn’t be caught dead listening to anywhere else. Say goodbye to the vineyards you were too intimidated to visit. Start welcoming the labels that care about good drinking just as much as they care about good karma with […]

Outdoor Chic: Six Ways To Glamp Instantly in NorCal

Taking a moment to “glamp” as the kids say is a moment to recharge right as we get into the almost Summer madness. And don’t worry, these sites are all affordable and group-friendly. Steep Ravine Cabins Welcome to the completely bare bones experience where waves crashing against the rocks in the morning sets off into […]

Tell Your Story With Bob Cut Mag — We’re Seeking Contributors

We seek people who want to tell their Bay Area story. At Bob Cut, we aim to deliver content that is both insightful and unexpected. We create pieces for the brain break on the Bart, at work, out at brunch–you get to sink your teeth into our robust stories and images! We are always on […]

Off The Menu: Tofino Wines Is Bringing The Napa Experience To Laurel Heights

Photos courtesy of Tofino Wine If heaven stocked wine, Tonfino’s 700+ selection would be the gates. Found at the edge of Laurel Heights on Geary, this hidden-in-plain-sight gem has a very chic interior and an array of decedent flavors. Wine-o’s, get prepared. Tofino Wines is a new San Francisco retail wine merchant + bar. Their […]

Bay Area Claims 6 Michelin Stars And Outweighs New York

Below, the entire list, with new star awardees bolded. Three Stars Benu, San Francisco The French Laundry, Wine Country Manresa, Peninsula Quince, San Francisco The Restaurant at Meadowood, Wine Country Saison, San Francisco Two Stars Acquerello, San Francisco Atelier Crenn, San Francisco Baumé, South Bay Campton Place, San Francisco Coi, San Francisco Commis, Oakland Lazy […]

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